Options Trading Software Reviews 2017

September 27, 2017 0
Photo showing multiple options trading platforms running on one computer.

Regardless if you trade options for a living or if you trade part-time as a hobby, finding the right options trading software is paramount to your success.

Glitches, memory leaks, long load times, and delayed data are guaranteed to cost you money. With that said, the following brokers offer some of the best trading platforms in the industry. Although more and more brokers are offering downloadable trading platforms, most of the web-based options trading software is just as robust and speedy.

BrokerHighlightsCommissionsAccount MinimumCurrent OffersStart Investing

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24/7 customer service and impressive trading platform$3.95 +
per trade
Get a $200 cash bonus or $500 in commission-free trades with Ally Invest!

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Downloadable trading platform w/ algorithmic trading capabilities$1.00 per option contractAll new pricing & no maintenance fees for new accounts!

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Phunemonomal mobile trading application$6.95 + $0.75None

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Without question, the software these three brokers offer is the best options trading software on the market – and they all do it for free. Although many traders don’t mind spending $200-800 per month on trading software, the truth is that is may just not be necessary.

The advanced programming capabilities of TradeStation’s platform put it on par with the the algorithmic customization that Bloomberg Tradebook offers. Professional options trading software like the BB Tradebook cost around $2,400 per month, and TradeStation’s proprietary platform, with their EasyLanguage, is totally free. How can a trader go wrong with that?