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Updated for Dec 12, 2019
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3 Best Personal Loan Companies in 2019

If you have fair/good/excellent credit, Credible is the best choice for a personal loan in 2019. They will actually give you up to $200 if you find a lower rate.

However, to make sure you get the best personal loan possible, click on your credit score above to see a list of the best loan options for you. It’s okay to guess you score and it will NOT affect your credit. This will personalize your offers and ensure you get the best rates and loan terms.

GET MY RATEon Credible’s Secure Site
  • Loan Amounts$1k – $100k
  • APR Range4.99% – 35.99%
  • Credit ImpactNo impact to your credit score for checking

NMLS #1136 †
GET MY RATEon LendingTree’s Secure Site
  • Loan Amounts$1k – $50k
  • APR Range3.99% – 35.99%
  • Credit ImpactNo impact to your credit score for checking
GET MY RATEon the secure site
  • Max Loan$35,000
  • Regular APR5.99% – 35.99%
  • Loan Terms3 – 72 Months
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  • Click “GET MY RATE” to find your unique personal loan rate on secure site
  • Safe and secure online process
  • Funds directly deposited, if approved
  • Perfect for borrowers with excellent/good/fair credit accepted
  • Loans Available for Nearly Any purpose
  • With many lenders/providers offering rates from 5.99% to 35.99%
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Should I Get a Personal Loan?

Personal loans, often called “unsecured personal loans,” are loans that are issued to individuals based on their creditworthiness. One of the best things about personal loans is that there is no collateral involved. You don’t have to use your house, car, or any other asset to receive a personal loan.

We spent 200+ hours searching for the best personal loans of 2019, because not all personal loans are made equal. Many shady online lenders have high variable rates and lots of hidden fees. None of the lenders on this page have hidden fees, and all are highly rated and respected.

If you need to consolidate debt, finance a purchase or major event like a wedding, or if you just need cash, personal loans are a great option. The typical interest rates for personal loan range from 3.84% to 35.99%. This is significantly lower than the typical APR for a credit card, which is another common form of borrowing.

What Can I use Personal Loans For?

Personal loans can be used for almost anything! Some of the most popular uses include:

  • Credit card debt consolidation
  • Home improvements and renovations
  • Pay for a wedding
  • New boat, RV, or other item that typically doesn’t have financing
  • Medical bills

According to research by Finder, roughly 83.5 million Americans have personal loans, with the most common use being credit card debt consolidation. Typically, credit cards can have APRs above 35%. Personal loans, on the other hand, typically have APRs around 7% to 30%.

Many Americans would rather pay 7% annually to borrow money, and use this borrowed money to pay off their higher interest debts, like credit cards.

Personal Loan Myths

One of the most common misconceptions about personal loans is that they somehow negatively effect your credit score.

For most cases, this is not true. There’s often no impact on your personal credit score to see if you qualify for a personal loan. And once you receive your personal loan funds, and you begin to make timely monthly repayments, your credit score can actually improve.

The only way a loan can harm your credit score is if you fail to make your payments.

Summary: Best Personal Loan Companies

Personal Loan Provider Best For
Best choice for those with excellent credit who are looking for very competitive rates
Perfect for borrowers with want top-rated personal loan company to find a great loan
Personalized loan offers in less than 60 seconds

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Updated: Dec 2, 2019


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