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My Story

My story starts long before 2015, but it was around this time when a few major life events occurred that ultimately led to the development of this website and several highly-profitable entrepreneurial businesses. In the summer of 2015, I solemnly realized that I sucked; I was a NINJA. A person with no income, no job, no assets.

This self-realization of my loser status coupled with the overwhelming desire for financial freedom was the impetus I needed to radically change the direction of my life. Only problem? I was on the cookie-cutter path that everyone else takes to ironically end up “successful” – college. At the time, my future looked like this: two more years of college priced at $14,000 each, graduation, a sizable debt of $28,000, and – wait for it – no guaranteed job to pay off the debt – cool.

Since kindergarten, I was that obstinate kid who jumped at any chance to challenge my teachers on anything that seemed dubious. To me, school was a gross waste of time and highly inefficient – and I largely believe this to still be the case. Nonetheless, after transferring to UC Irvine as a junior and attending class for 2 weeks (worst two weeks of my life), I dropped out and moved in with my parents.

This is where my story *I hope* becomes somewhat interesting. I didn’t know it at the time, but my life completely changed with one click of a button. I was sitting at my parents home one day, upset with my current state of affairs, and decided to purchase an electric skateboard on Amazon for $1,500. Sounds ridiculous? It was. I bought this stupidly powerful skateboard (capable of going 22mph) with my – wait for it – credit card. I had roughly $2,000 in cash to my name, and was planning on using this to promptly pay my credit card bill…

To put my decision making in context, from a self-reflection standpoint, I can confidently describe myself as an extreme risk-taker. It’s something in my DNA. I have no problem accumulating a futures position with a notional value in the tens of millions and a margin requirement in the hundreds of thousands. That said, after purchasing this electric skateboard on credit, no more than a week later, I identified what I thought was a great opportunity to turn my $2,000 into $10,000. On August 24th, 2015, the S&P 500 suffered a bizarre intraday “crash” of nearly 7% before trading was halted. Knowing this level of volatility was present in the market, I became convinced another, similar crash would occur. I decided to buy $2,000 worth of out-of-the-money put options on the S&P 500 Index with 5 days until expiration. This was literally all the cash I had to my name at the time…but it didn’t matter, because I knew the market would fall another 5%, and I’d 5x or 10x my money.

When Friday rolled around…the market didn’t crash, and the puts expired totally worthless. I lost every single penny. The feeling was beyond dreadful. However, I’ve never been one to accept defeat, so I plotted to return the skateboard to Amazon and hope that the package sorting robots wouldn’t mind that I clearly took it for a few spins.

To this day, I still think this plan would have worked, except I *somehow* managed to dig myself into an even deeper hole. After printing the Amazon return label, I just had to squeeze in one last ride, as anyone would naturally have to do before parting with such a cool object…As I was riding through a major intersection, a car failed to see me, turned right, and ran over my foot at 20mph.

Everything happened so fast; it felt surreal. I went FLYING through the air and slid on my side through a 4-way intersection before slamming into a rusty drainage ditch. After the ambulance and fire department ordeal, transportation to the emergency room, and waiting for hours to see a Physicians Assistant, I was told I suffered an uncommon break in my fifth metatarsal. Specifically, it was a Jones fracture that would require surgery and take over 9 months to fully heal. But keep in mind, my foot wasn’t the only precious thing to get obliterated by a moving car…my $1,500 skateboard also was demolished. Make no mistake, I was in serious shit. I knew I could no longer return a product that was snapped in half by a moving car, so this meant I had to pay my $1,500 credit card bill…but I had no money. None. Nada. Zip.

Not having fun…

Rotating between crutches and a knee scooter with my entire leg in a cast, I began frantically searching the Internet for ways to make money from home and pay off my debt. After searching Google for days, I settled on freelance writing. Because I knew a lot about finance and investing, I focused heavily on submitting proposals to finance companies. I knew the payouts would be higher, and I wouldn’t have to teach myself about the subject material.

Long story short, this was my first taste of online income, and I was immediately hooked. I paid off my credit card bill before the payment cycle ended that month, and I vowed to never do anything that risky *and stupid* again. Within 12 months of creating a freelancer profile online, I made over $60,000 working less than 15 hours a week. I was able to travel to Europe with friends, surf for several months at a time in Indonesia, and free climb the Regular North West Face of Half Dome in Yosemite, CA. Entrepreneurship and Internet income gave me freedom. I’m a resolute believer that traditional higher education and entering into the “workforce” in America will NOT provide you with freedom. Will it make you comfortable? Sure, but it won’t make you rich. Not by a long shot. With a traditional job, you’ll always be expendable. You’ll have to answer to a boss. You’ll be told when to show up. You’ll be told when you can leave. You’ll have to ask permission to escape the 9-5 dread if you want to take a “vacation.”

The way I see it, all of life should be what we have come to describe as “vacation.” I want to fill my limited days with exactly what I want to do. Having to commute to a building, sit at a desk, and do what you’re told is not what I call freedom; it also seems all too familiar to the overpriced joke that is a college education. The only difference is the former offers a pittance in exchange for your time, while the latter offers an ostensibly important piece of paper and mandates payment of a small fortune for four consecutive years.

Bottom line: life is too short and too precious to do anything you don’t want to do. And although others may caution you for not following the path that 99% of the population takes, 99% of the population doesn’t actually have financial freedom yet still feels compelled to tell other people how to live their lives – never forget that.

Kevin Ott Climbing Half Dome
Kevin Ott Climbing Half Dome

I originally created OptionsBro.com to share the dozen options trading strategies tutorials that I spent months researching and explaining.

From day 1 with this site, my goal was to create a simple online resource with quick & easy information. Today, OptionsBro.com has expanded to cover almost all things finance. When I’m not managing this website, I can be found climbing/surfing and enjoying the basic activities that I once took for granted, like walking.

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