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Our goal is to make finance simple, for everyone.

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My Story

My story starts long before 2015, but it was around this time when a few major life events occurred that ultimately led to the development of this website and several highly-profitable entrepreneurial businesses. In the summer of 2015, I solemnly realized that I sucked; I was a NINJA. A person with no income, no job, no assets.

This self-realization of my epic loser status coupled with the overwhelming desire for true freedom was the impetus I needed to radically change the direction of my life. Only problem? I was on the cookie-cutter path that everyone else takes to ironically

end up “successful” – college. At the time, my future looked like this: two more years of college priced at $14,000 each, graduation, a sizable debt of $28,000, and – wait for it – no guaranteed job to pay off said debt – cool.

Since kindergarten, I was that obstinate kid who jumped at the chance to challenge the teachers on anything that seemed dubious. I felt school was a gross waste of time and highly inefficient. and wiI had no prospects, and at least two more years of college ahead. After transferring to the University of California, Irvine as a junior and attending class for a few weeks, I unequivocally knew school wasn’t for me. I moved back in with my parents, had just enough money saved up from my childhood bicycle refurbishing business to try investing, but I wasn’t financially free – at all.

I didn’t know it at the time, but my life radically changed when I decided to buy an electric skateboard on Amazon for $1,500. Sounds ridiculous, right? It was. I bought this stupid skateboard with my credit card, and no later than a week after buying it, I decided to buy $2,000 worth of put options on the S&P 500 Index. This was all the cash I had to my name at the time, and I had this delusion that the market was going to crash, and I would strike it rich.

The puts expired worthless, and I lost all of my money. I’ve never been one to accept defeat, so my plan to fix this mess was to return the skateboard on Amazon and hope that the robots sorting the returned packages wouldn’t mind that I’d taken it for a few spins.

To this day, I still think this plan would have worked, except I *somehow* managed to dig myself into an even deeper hole. After printing the Amazon return label, I decided to take my skateboard out for one last ride… and as I was riding through a major intersection, a car failed to see me, turned right, and ran over my foot at 20mph.

I ended up with an uncommon break in my fifth metatarsal (a Jones fracture that would require surgery and take over 9 months to fully heal) and a totally busted $1,500 skateboard. I was really in deep trouble. I knew I couldn’t return a product that was snapped in half by a moving car, but I also knew that I still had to pay my $1,500 credit card bill.

Not having fun…

Rotating between crutches and a knee scooter with my entire leg in a cast, I began frantically searching the Internet for ways to make money from home and pay off my debt. I would have loved to invest and trade, but I didn’t even have any money to do that. I finally settled on freelance writing. Since I knew a lot about finance and investing, I focused heavily on submitting proposals to finance companies, because I knew the payouts would be higher, and I wouldn’t have to teach myself about the subject material.

Long story short, this was my first taste of online income, and I was immediately hooked. I paid off my credit card bill before the payment cycle ended that month and vowed to never do anything that risky *and stupid* again. Within 12 months of creating a freelancer profile online, I made over $60,000 working less than 15 hours a week. I was able to travel to Europe with friends, surf for several months at a time in Indonesia, and free climb the Regular North West Face of Half Dome in Yosemite, CA. Entrepreneurship and Internet income gave me freedom.

Kevin Ott Climbing Half Dome
Kevin Ott Climbing Half Dome

In early 2017, I gave investing another crack, and I had a lot more success. I originally created The Options Bro to share the dozen options trading strategies tutorials that I spent months explaining.

From day 1, my goal was to create a simple online resource with unbiased information on all things finance. Today, I spend most of my time overseeing an investment portfolio, managing this website, climbing/surfing, and enjoying the basic activities that I once took for granted, like walking.

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