Founded in 2016 by a group of traders with a strong passion for the markets, The Options Bro aims to provide the best possible options trading information on the internet. 

From explaining how to select the width of strikes in an iron condor, to providing information on options friendly brokers, we cover it all. 

Aspiring and current traders from all over the world have come to rely on The Options Bro to deliver top-notch options trading content that's long on substance and short on fluff. Everyday, we strive to publish informational articles that are empowering and engaging for the individual, do-it-yourself investor. 

Because 100% of our authors are traders, most of whom are accredited investors, we know the questions traders want answers to.

Essentially, everything we write is for traders, by traders - and our promise is to keep it that way. 

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The Options Bro

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